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  Alexei's music has reached individuals of all ages, races, nationalities, faiths, abilities, and aspirations. Thousands of people have sent e-mails and letters before and since Alexei's death, filled with prayers and support, and stories of how Alexei continues to touch the lives of people around the world.



Dedicated to Alexei and Dace and his family


The great pianist we loved passed away

And we reluctantly went to back ours daily lives

His music is sliding on everything he left behind him like eternal time


Over the cliffs of Galveston

Where his his ashes with red pedals floated around and disappeared

Over the backyards Dace planted roses in Fort Worth house where he lived

Over the the forest near Riga, over Warsaw, over Moscow

Over the long distance train from Tashkent where he was raised

Over the roof of the Conservatory, where their learned,

Over the stages he played

Throughout the world


We are always listening to his music

In pursuit of profits at the meeting

Traveling on the plane for work

Alone in a hotel room in a foreign country

Exhausted in bed

In the days all spent caring for the baby and cleaning

We are always listening to his music

with family, with friends, surrounded by people


It is sad to lose such a precious gift from God

but obtain happiness from the blissful moments with his music

His wings of melodies won't flit or flutter again

like the wings of a glittering molpho butterfly

confined behind the acrylic glass


But we know

there are melodies that he might play

under the fingertips of all pianists


And we know

His defeat and his success

His love and happiness

His grief and anguish

His daring and courage

In his moving stories


We bless and praise the bright torch of all his life

Guided by the glow of his memory

We'll each move on to lead a worthy life


Kazuko Narumi, 2006


Memories 2005             Memories 2006             Memories 2007




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