Hitomi Maeyama

On the evening of March 4th 2007, a memorial concert in Alexei Sultanov's honor was held at Grand Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory.

Performers: Alexei Gavrilov, Aleksander Korsantiya, Vazgen Vartanyan,
Sergei Sultanov
Orchestra: Tchaikovsky state Orchestra Conductor - Denis Lotoev
Program number: Chopin Nocturne, Ballade No.4,Piano Concerto No1 etc.
Prokofiev Sonata for piano No.7 op83
Poulenc Concerto for two pianos


I had known his name for a few years, but regrettably he passed away on June 30th, 2005, before I had a chance to hear him give a  live performance.


I feel free and liberated when I listen to his CDs; his strength and humanity come through strongly in the sounds.  My mind is overwhelmed by his aura and the way he expresses himself through his music. We had a time to listen to his recording of Prokofiev Piano Concerto No2, the 2nd Movement, between the performances. That was the most impressive playing that night. We acclaimed him as if he had been alive. The hall resounded with the audience's clapping for a long time.


It is very difficult for pianists to connect with people with their art. There are kind of invisible walls and temperature differences between audiences and artists. I thought that Alexei understood and even made the most of these factors to make his performances a perfect communication with his listeners.


There was a big silver screen on the side wall of the stage. Alexei's photos were projected on it during the performances. There were his photos, which were taken when he was a baby, a young boy
,a student etc.


Alexei appeared in one after another. What a beautiful charming smile!
I made myself very busy with listening and watching. :-)


The concert bill had a CD of Alexei Sultanov. That was great! His Nocturne of Chopin was my special favorite. It made a deep impression on me. I hope that many more people can have a chance to listen to his music and love this young pianist forever.


Hitomi Maeyama (translation: Kazuko Narumi, Yusuke Murakami)